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zum Anhören: “ Drei Geschwister – eine Friedensgeschichte“ von Andi Rietschel / a peace story to read

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a peace story three siblingsread the story in english below

In einer Zeit, kurz nach dem Krieg zwischen Israel und Palästina, in einer Zeit der Konflikte auf der ganzen Welt, in einer Zeit, wo sich in unserem Land, die Menschen wegen unterschiedlicher Meinungen so zerstreiten, dass jahrelange Bündnisse, Freundschaften und Beziehungen zerbrechen…

.. Es ist an der Zeit wieder auf einander zu zugehen,
nicht das Trennende zu suchen,
sondern das Verbindende zu leben …

Geschichte 18 aus der Reihe „Und in den Worten fand ich Wahrheit“
Andi Rietschel liest „Drei Geschwister – eine Friedensgeschichte“ von Andi Rietschel

oder hier anhören:

mehr Geschichten zum Wochenende (bis Ende des Jahres werden es mindestens 40)


dear friends
this year i will publish 40 stories in a german audio podcast
Stories that are important to me, that have a message for us, that teach us, touch us, nourish us (and entertain us)… written by different authors, read by me.
The 18 story is a short one written by myself….
In the English translation, as text, I would like to share it with you….(i used for the translation)

peace from leipzig for all of us!
Andi Rietschel

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three siblings
a peace story…
by Andi Rietschel

for my brothers and sisters in israel and palestina
and not only there
for my brothers and sisters all over the world
may you find peace, may we find peace
for my brothers and sisters in my country,
who are so divided over one thing, over different opinions,
that years of alliances, friendships and relationships are shattered…
may you find peace, may we find peace
it is time to approach each other again,
not to look for the separating
but to live the connecting

three siblings
a peace story…
by Andi Rietschel

First there was a quarrel between two brothers, on a journey,
in a country far from Germany, thousands of kilometers away.
It was in an area called the Middle East,
where people have been fighting for years, decades, centuries.
people who are brothers, or could be brothers, have been fighting each other.

They were and are stirred up by others,
who, through this strife, can consolidate their power and distract from their transgressions,
religious and political leaders, and oligarchs, business leaders.
people who deny and weaken what they have in common
and want to increase fears, differences and the divisive.

And so walls, prejudices, hatred and hopelessness grow between people,
who are actually so similar at heart.

So once upon a time there were two brothers, two children,
who quarreled and fought each other in the worst way.
The origin was quickly forgotten.

„He started it!“ „No! He started it!“ „No, that’s not true! Liar!“ „You’re a liar, „You’re lying! Not me!“

And so it went on and on. And it got worse and worse.
And even the parents didn’t know who to trust anymore, or who to reprimand.
It was a messy situation.

Then the little sister of the two came and pushed her way through the crowd that had formed around the quarrelers.
With her little arms she embraced her brothers,
without words, only with love, with peace.
And the two stopped,
because they were not incited, as they were used to be,
or insulted by third parties, as they were used to,
because no one had taken the side of one or the other…
and no one could feel better or worse than the other.

Three people, three siblings,
just like that,
in love, in peace…

three siblings
a peace story
by Andi Rietschel

May we not talk so much about the others, but talk a lot with the others
so that we find out that in many things, the others are not so much different than we are.
May we reduce the separating and increase the connecting.
May we not consider the differences so important, but enjoy the common name instead.
May peace, love, freedom and brotherhood be in us and for all.
May it become where
May it be so

( Translated with )

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres alt-Attribut; sein Dateiname ist peace.jpeg.

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